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Cours de mise à jour et d'approfondissement sur le thème de la rééducation et de la prévention tenus par des professionnels du secteur, des médecins et des thérapeutes

GPS Academy

Together with clinical experts from all over the world, we have created a social and professional platform to promote education, research and innovation in healthy posture for healthy movement. The GPS Academy platform enables us to bring together experts and professionals from various fields; medicine, rehabilitation, dentistry, sports performance, engineering, alternative medicine and business. Using this platform we stimulate sharing experiences, know how and ideas in the wide field of human posture, rehabilitation and patient mobility. The GPS Academy has now become an international network through which we endeavour to educate by means of workshops, seminars, conferences, in-company customized training and consultancy, and online media. Our aim is to create a virtual meeting point and resource centre for those interested in conducting research connected to human posture, prevention and treatment of posture-related disorders and injury. Together we bring innovation to our respective professional fields to help combat the ever-increasing number of musculoskeletal disorders from different perspectives. Our core message is promoting »healthy posture for healthy movement« to the global community.
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