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Shower trolleys for pediatric use, adults and bariatric use


Configurable equipment to cover more professional needs, with different sizes, hydraulic or electric height adjustment, options for the inside width, possible length extension, tilting head section, individual or central braking system.

We would like to introduce our comprehensive range of shower and transfer trolleys for children, adults and bariatric patients, suitable for use both in care facilities and at home. We have devised solutions that make it possible to adapt the shower trolley according to the preferences of carers or family members and to the user's anthropometric characteristics. All our shower trolleys have a standard additional function to adjust them to Trendelenburg position, as well as obviously to tilt the patient platform to drain water away. Finally, our Research & Development department has taken particular care in choosing materials, components and special processes, ensuring the product is long lasting and rust-free.

Our shower trolleys have been designed and tested according to European security standards. Anyway, after some time of use, intensive use or any other improper use, it may ne necessary to substitute some of its components. Our technical staff has made a list of possible spare parts when carrying out any scheduled maintenance intervention.

Download the new 2017 edition of our specific brochure on Shower trolleys in which you can find the entire list of all the single spare parts and the corresponding exploded-view drawings.


Brochure Shower Trolley

Introduction - Configuration Guide - Basic models - Height adjustment - Inside Width - Length Extension - Back rest - Casters Systems - Accessories - Electric parts - For comfort - Others - Configuration options - For paediatric model - For adults model -
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